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Leigh Daniel

Leigh is a Mike Dooley trained Infinite Possibilities certified Trainer and Trailblazer and Owner at Leigh Daniel, Advocate of Positive Change.  Leigh has owned her own law firm since 1996  and has been dedicated to representing her clients with Strong legal advice and representation in court, while not losing site of the client’s need during the difficult changes in their lives. With a comprehensive set of resources Leigh can counsel you legally, as well as connect you with the resources you will need to empower your positive change.  She is also the author of the book "The Path to Positive Change".


SuperWang by Dee Crescini

Not long ago and not far away, a bovine named Wang was born in the land of comfortable. Momma and Papa Oink had an evening of passion and what resulted was a little bacon. They named him Wang.

Wang's childhood was like many piglets, searching for his purpose and dream. He looked high and low but couldn't find it and didn't know what to do. As was the way in the land of comfortable he stopped looking and became ordinary.

He got into trouble-out of control partying, loose women, trouble with the law that landed him behind bars. He continued to search and one day he left the land of comfortable. It was hard to leave. Everyone told him it was dangerous. "Don't do it, stay here with us where it's safe and predictable", they said.

He left anyway knowing he had a dream he had to find. On his journey he ran into obstacles. There were times he wanted to stop. There were other times he wanted to go back, but he persevered and faced his fears. He visualized his dream. He looked within and realized he needed to believe it was there and everything was possible.

What he found on this trip was magic. He found people like him, all searching, but they were finding and creating amazing things - their dreams. He found his "Tribe". He discovered his purpose, he lived the magic, fulfilled his dream and then dreamed bigger dreams. After this he came to be known as "Super Wang"


Special Guest Speakers

At each Possibilities in Paradise event, we have multiple guest speakers.  Topics have ranged from breathing techniques and visualizations, all the way to finding the love of your life, abundance and practical tips to happiness, success & abundance.
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