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If your life is perfect, stop reading now!  But if you are interested in leveraging how you think, to achieve your dreams and goals,  keep reading......

In this Infinite Possibilities, Law of Attraction destination workshop, we will explore how to leverage your thoughts, speech & actions to create the opportunities in your life that serve you, rather than the experiences that don't. While working through the different exercises, and teachings from different multiple guest-speakers, you will gain a better understanding of yourself, your life, and learn to train your brain to operate at peak performance in all areas of your life.  You will learn how success is something that is created, not acquired.

Do you ever find yourself thinking that there must be something you are missing, that things happen easier for other people, or there is something they know that you don’t?  Why is it that some people seem to always be in the right place at the right time,  that everything they touch turns to gold, while others struggle with even the smallest things in life, love or business.  Why are some people so blissfully happy and maybe the best question of all, what is true happiness and how is it achieved?
Welcome.  You are home.  

There IS something that truly happy and successful people know.  It isn’t taught in school.  It isn't taught in college.  In fact, you could live your entire life and never hear of it or learn it.   Most do. It isn’t “New Agey”, it’s actually as old as time.  Many of the most successful people of all time utilize the principals of it, from Einstein, Edison & Benjamin Franklin all the way to Oprah, Jim Carey and Will Smith.

Our purpose is to share with you the ways we have found to achieve the life of your dreams, and how to align your thoughts, speech and actions to live more deliberately.  To  teach you that you are not a victim of circumstance and that you are ONLY limited by your own beliefs.  

We are NOT all here just to survive, but to thrive.  You can change anything you want to change in your life.  Love, relationships, happiness & business. This workshop will teach you the tools & principals do do so.  Join us for this fun and in-depth look into the Infinite Possibilities of your life.

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Showing Love

"Possibilities in Paradise is a transformational workshop with other like-minded people who are spiritual adventurers of the highest caliber. Learn from the masters while having fun on the beach!"

"PIP isn't IP or TTT & I don't think its meant to be,. It has evolved & matured into its own personality. Its fun & lighthearted with an eclectic gathering of souls longing to explore the Paradise within & Key West allows that.  Jonathan & Leigh bring sincerity, experience & total LOVE to the conference & are willing to be vulnerable and bare some of the deepest parts of themselves. They inspire the speakers. Natalee is the glue (IMO) & has a role that is very very important - that of Love & support. Not just for Jonathan & Leigh, but for all of us. She holds sacred space.  Thank you Thank you for being the example xoxox


"I would recommend PIP to anyone wishing to find true Joy, Happiness, Love, Transformation, Sharing and making true friends forever! I have never experienced so much fun, acceptance and so much support.  My message is " It is never too late to have a Happy childhood" - and you will find it here in Key West with Jonathan and Leigh with Possibilities in Paradise."

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