More of It? Or, Less of It? You Decide!

  • By Jonathan Benjamin
  • 26 Aug, 2015

Craig Wetter

The benefits of positive thinking are well known and compelling. You don’t have to be “spiritually minded” to be convinced that positive thinking is a good thing and that negative thinking causes problems.

So, it’s a worthwhile goal to check our thinking, root out negative thoughts and replace them with positive stuff. And this obviously also applies to what comes out of our mouths. After all, the things that we say are just thoughts that are compelling enough to be verbalized.

As I’ve tried to more positive and less negative, I’ve found those labels to be somewhat limiting. When I sort my thoughts and words into those categories, it seems that a bunch of stuff falls somewhere in the middle. There is a lot of gray area.

As a believer in the Law of Attraction (that is, what I place my attention on comes into my experience), I’ve concluded that it’s not about whether something is positive or negative. It’s about what I want my experience in this life to be. Obviously, most of us want positive experiences and not negative ones, so those labels are still useful. But, the litmus test that seems more versatile to me is whether it’s something I want more of in my experience or less of in my experience.

So, I’ve started to evaluate my thoughts and words based on this question.

Do I want more of it, or, do I want less of it?

When I use this question to examine my thoughts and words, there are far fewer that get stranded in the gray zone. Based on my personal preferences, it’s generally clear to me whether it’s something I want more of or less of.

So, here is a new algorithm that I’m using and suggesting for you to use…

If it’s something you want more of, then intentionally think about it more and talk about it more.

If it’s something you want less of, then intentionally think about it less and talk about it less.

If I want more of it, then thinking about it more and talking about it more will bring more or it into my experience. Conversely, thinking about it less and talking about it less will draw less of it into my experience.

I like this because it’s simply an adjustment in what I talk and think about, not an adherence to some absolute standard. It’s like turning down the volume on one channel and turning up the volume on another. Or, it’s like buying more of one type of food at a grocery store and less of another.

Let me give a hypothetical example of adjusting what we talk about and think about.

Let’s say that someone backs into you car that’s parked on the street and leaves a big dent—and then drives away. Clearly, that’s something you want “less of” in your experience! But, it would be unreasonable to expect that you couldn’t talk about it or think about it at all simply because it’s something you want less of. You’d almost certainly have to talk to your insurance agent about it. Maybe you’d fill out a police report and also talk to a repair shop about fixing the damage. And, you’d probably tell your partner or roommate about it and explain the cause of getting home late. Also, you’d have to think through the list of things to do relative to the incident and when you might do them in the next couple days.

But, now you have a choice to make. Do you write all about it on your Facebook page? Do you tell other friends and family about it when you talk about how your day was? Do you tell complete strangers about it in the grocery line when they ask you how you’re doing? Do you lie in bed that night going over the details of the incident in your mind and wonder why this world is “full of” people who do things like that?

Even if it is something you “have to” talk about and think about to some degree, you can still choose to do that less versus more.

This also easily applies to things you want more of. Why not intentionally think more and talk more about things you want to experience more of? If you believe in the Law of Attraction, that’s clearly a way to draw more of these desired things into your life.

And, for the ultimate “flip your thoughts,” when you find yourself obsessively thinking or talking about something you want less of, how about intentionally replacing your thoughts and words with something you want more of? Simply turn down the channel of what you don’t like and turn up the channel of what you do like. It’s like your own personal manifestation radio station!

When I’ve practiced this in my own life, it immediately lifts my emotions and spirit in the present moment. That makes perfect sense. We always feel better when we are talking and thinking about something we actually like and want more of. And beyond the present moment, I believe it changes the nature of the experiences that I’m drawing into my life.

So, give it a shot today and for the rest of this week. Pay attention to your thoughts and words and ask yourself the question, “Do I want more if it or less of it?” Based on the answer, make the adjustment.

Let me know how it works for you!
By Jonathan Benjamin 19 Feb, 2016
Many times in our lives we realize that we would like more of something.  More courage, more patience, more strength, etc....

Often we may think that somehow - as if by magic - we will just wake up one morning with a strong and noticeable increase in these areas.

The truth is - just like building muscles takes a workout -  these strengths also need to be flexed to be built up in that way.

Q: So, if I ask/pray for more patience, what's the workout to build that strength?

A: You will be put in situations that test your patience. 
You may find yourself being surrounded by people and situations that annoy the shit out of you - thus giving you the opportunity to flex that muscle a little more each time until it is strong.  Same with courage. You want more courage?  You will find yourself in scary situations where you are forced to be courageous.

It's a muscle that has to be flexed, that's why courage comes AFTER you face a fear, not before.

Leigh Daniel and I speak often of how we "want it to be" when we plan our "Possibilities in Paradise" events, but we also realize that we can't completely control everything,  so we remind each other pretty much hourly to also be "flexible".

There are varying degrees of how difficult being flexible can be, depending on the situation.  If you are waiting for someone to pick you up and drive you somewhere, you may be a little more or a little less flexible depending on what time you have to be at the next place.  Maybe if you wanted a burger for dinner but had chicken instead, that would be an easy thing for you to be flexible about.

But what about the times when it's a bigger deal? Or something that you spent a lot of time planning and coordinating? Or when you feel there is a lot riding on the outcome?  ( also called "attachment" but we will talk about that another time!)

Those are the times when I find it the most difficult to be flexible.   Maybe because it is then coupled with feelings of disappointment that it didn't go as planned or that I will look bad in some way - or maybe that I don't want others to feel let down. I'm not sure, but I'm learning.

The weekend of Feb 5th 2016, we embarked on our 6th (nearly sold-out) Possibilities in Paradise retreat, where once again Leigh and I spoke about flexibility to each other.

Man oh man, did we get schooled on flexibility this time....

Seriously schooled. Masters Degree-style..... PHD even.

To my memory, it was one of the wettest and coldest weekends ever in Key West and we had quite a bit of outdoor activities planned.

A yoga presentation on the beach was cut extremely short on the first day.  Then cancelled on day two, both due to rain.  We did our best to find cover at the small guest house where we all were staying - but we had to forgo the full presentation.

One of our guest speakers was scheduled for a presentation on the beach after Yoga, which also had to be postponed.

Our sunset boat cruise/dancing trip was also cancelled for the weather, which left us without a group venue for Saturday night.

On the last day, we rented a hotel banquet room for an extra few hours to accommodate back-to-back-to-back speaker presentations that got postponed from the previous day. This also really pushed the limit of how much information our attendees could absorb all at once.  I once heard that your brain can only absorb info for the length of time your butt can sit in a seat!

Our final "Red Carpet"event at a private movie theater was also cut short due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances.  A very abbreviated and impromptu "thank you send-off" was done back at the guest house instead of what we had originally planned.

I don't say all of this to bitch or whine. Quite the the contrary.  I am proud to be able to report that Leigh and I - as well as everyone else in attendance - just rolled with it....and with smiles.

I am happy that so many people and other businesses were also flexible with us to move things around and help.

Since flexibility was the attribute or muscle we intended to strengthen, then I am profoundly grateful for each and every one of the situations that facilitated an opportunity to flex.

So - I have just 2 questions:

What is it that you desire more of in your life?

Are you able to view situations which facilitate those desires, as opportunities - no matter how challenging they may look?

I just watched 37 people simultaneously do it all weekend long.

I know you can too.

By Jonathan Benjamin 31 Dec, 2015
Fear is a thief and a liar.

As a thief, Fear robs us of the present moment.

The vast majority of the time that we are experiencing Fear, we are in no real immediate danger. (If you're being chased by a lion or being mugged right now, this doesn't apply to you. Please put down your computer or smart phone and RUN! If not, please keep reading.)

If the present moment contains no true danger, then Fear is causing our attention and energy to be squandered on something that isn't real. At best, Fear is a hypothesis about something in the future that may or may not happen.

Which brings up the second point. Fear is also a liar.

The things that Fear insidiously whispers into your psyche are trumped-up lies. It tells you lies about what other people "probably" think about you. Lies about that thing you want to accomplish, but you'll "probably" end up failing at it. Lies about how you've "probably" screwed up your future by that horrible mistake you made in your past. All lies.

Think of how many times you've experienced Fear and the thing you were afraid of turned out to be no big deal. Your Fear has been wrong so many times, it's amazing you pay attention to anything with that bad a track record.

Fear doesn't have your best interests in mind, like it wants you to believe. Fear deprives your of your greatest gift--the present moment--and it seeks to limit your future with a bunch of lies.

Next time you experience Fear, expose it as a thief and a liar.

Catch it red-handed, in the act of its deception. And, then, unceremoniously show it the door. The quicker, the better.
By Jonathan Benjamin 30 Dec, 2015
As humans, we are indeed collectors of junk.

We collect things.

We hold onto things.

Too many things.

We do this with emotional baggage (junk) as well as with physical things (junk) – as anyone who’s ever packed their home in preparation of a move can attest, we all accumulate a LOT of junk.

With the new year directly around the corner and with a nudge from a post by Regena Garrepy called “Clean, Clear & Complete” , I decided that it was time to take action and get rid of some “junk”.

Although a few rooms in my life – ahem, I mean my house – could use it, I decided my master closet was the best place to start.

To hold on, or to let go?

Seems like there is always a battle – at least mentally – between the two. We tend to rationalize keeping….. well, EVERYTHING! That’s how it got so bad in the first place!

This doesn’t quite fit, but it will as soon as I lose a few pounds…

This just needs a button sewed on…

-I would wear this again if I had a fancy place to wear it…

This , just needs a pair of pants/shoes/belt/whatever that match it…

And so on and so forth.

I read a great article one time about a way to clean out the closet. It said: “Throw everything on the bed and ONLY put things back in the closet that you LOVE.”

Only. Things. You. Love.

I love it. It’s genius – and as I was going through the process, I had to keep defaulting back to that genius statement because I kept sliding down the path of rationalizing reasons to keep things.

Therein lies the beauty and simplicity of the theory.

It can’t be argued with.

It can’t be rationalized away.

It really doesn’t matter if you can wear it again…one day…..if you lost some weight…..if you fixed the button….if, if if….

The question is:


Yes or no. The answer becomes really clear, really fast.

And so it went. I gave away 6 huge bags of clothes – and it felt amazing. I highly recommend it. Especially now to start off the new year with a different kind of feeling.

Now the real power of this “do you love it” question comes if we also apply it to our daily choices.

Should I go to this place?
Should I talk to this person?
Should I take this job?
Should I date /deal with/ partner with that person?
Should I be talking about this subject?

Maybe the answers to all the above are also very clear….

Only if you love it.

And if there’s something you don’t love, but HAVE to do, then find a way to love it.

We are so scared to let go of certain things in our lives. Even things that aren’t serving us. But letting go and getting rid of the wrong/old/non-serving things in our lives makes room for the right things to show up.

How about emotionally?

What “junk” are you holding on to that is keeping your “emotional closet” cluttered?

The junk that’s keeping new and exciting things from coming your way?

It’s a block….and you can let it go.

You can choose to clean it out.

Throw it away. Start fresh with new thoughts.

Thoughts and beliefs that excite you.

Ones that look really great on you.

Ones that make you smile.

Ones that help you to enjoy life.

Ones that show you how many wonderful things there are to experience – and that every experience, can be a wonderful thing.

So grab all of those old beliefs - about yourself/life/money/love/relationships/success/self-worth - and throw them all on the bed.


Enter this new year with only the ones you love.

See you on the other side. I’ll be the one smiling at you.
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