Special Guest Speakers

At each Possibilities in Paradise event, we have multiple guest speakers.  Topics range from breathing techniques and visualizations, all the way to finding the love of your life, forgiveness and practical tips to happiness, success & abundance.

The January 2017 Guest Speaker line-up is below!

Nicole DiCristofaro      

As an Empowerment Coach and certified Best Year Yet™ Coach, Nicole provides dedicated accountability to inspire you in developing positive habits so that you are more successful in all areas of life.

With Nicole’s encouragement and “tough and tender” approach, she will challenge you to really understand who you truly are and what has been holding you back from actualizing the life you are worthy and deserving of having.

“Love and relationships are my passion” Nicole often shares when asked why she chose to be a coach. “The relationship we have with ourselves is pivotal to having healthy, growing relationships with others. I found my purpose through all of the failures that taught me so much about myself and I felt compelled to share this knowledge with the world. Our greatest teachers in life are the people with which we’ve loved and the pain that often comes with being vulnerable.”

Do you want someone who’ll be there for you to listen deeply and then help you recalibrate and focus to take positive action?

Nicole and her husband, Gabriel, currently reside in Florida. Together, as a team, they actively pursue creating positive change in their community and around the world.

Michelle Jeffrey

Michelle is a Integrative Coach and leads her clients towards their desires to transform their lives and create lasting change. Michelle assist clients to transcend their story, embrace wholeness, increase their emotional intelligence and lead a life from their heart.

As a change agent in the area of Human Consciousness Michelle has sought out, traveled with, and has been mentored by some of the worlds leading transformation teachers. Some of which include Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Debbie Ford and Mike Dooley. All whom reflect back to Michelle her passion to realize and embrace the Magnificence within.

Michelle is a Public Speaker, Seminar Leader, Mentor and Transformational Coach currently working on her first of many books with Balboa Press, A division of Hay House.


Chris Von Der Mehden                     

Chris von der Mehden is the founder of Mind Prana Academy and the creator of Zero to Zen, a program that demystifies meditation and allows you to experience all of its benefits from Day 1. Zero to Zen teaches you how to drop into the “still mind” space previously believed available only to experienced zen monks.

Armed with graduate degrees in engineering and over 18 years studying obscure spiritual traditions around the world, Chris's mission is to simplify spirituality so that everyone can experience the liberation and freedom that once required years of discipline.

Chris has recently been featured on The Mind Your Business Podcast with James Wedmore and Phoebe Mroczek, and in Elephant Journal.

Sean Patrick         

Sean Patrick, A.K.A That Guy Who Loves The Universe is a spiritual teacher and researcher in the field of positive psychology (BPS, MSc). Sean teaches new and innovative ways to fuse spiritual practice with mental health to encourage his audiences to pursue a life well lived. Sean has been featured on the BBC, Sunday Times and Daily Mail.

Maggie Kyle Petraits        

We are all energy. Pure loving energy - created from love, by a loving Universe - on a journey through this life to grow, share and become this pure love. “White hot saints, Dark mysterious sinners” will take you on a path to balance, clear and embrace the energies within us.

Maggie Kyle Petraits first experienced her “hot hands” as a child - not realizing the gift she held….. her backrubs, placing of hands and touch were “magical”…. Not until a friend who had been in a serious car accident and was in pain. When Maggie used her touch technique and the pain was relieved, her find commented “I didn’t know you knew Reiki”…. Maggie innocently commented “What’s Reiki?”

This started her on a path to study Reiki and other energy healing modalities. Today, she owns her own business incorporating her energy work with Infinite Possibilities coaching, art and interior design. An Usui Reiki Master, Certified Energy Healer and Certified Infinite Possibilities trainer, Maggie has blended these with her 30+ years as an interior designer to guide her clients through the process of “Redesigning their interior, to redesign their life!”

Corrine Melmer Read          

Cori Read is the CEO of Brain Gears, a company that designs and delivers programs, retreats, and coaching services that guide others to rise above their limiting beliefs so they may live a calm, abundant, and fulfilled life. Her current program, “Transcend Anxiety” is designed to help people overcome their debilitating anxiety. Her belief, and methodology, is that you need to treat the body, mind and soul as one. Cori uses her knowledge and training in psychology and energy dynamics, combined with her own story and journey of transcending catastrophic thinking, anxiety, panic attacks and exquisite abandonment issues, to assist others in working through their physical, emotional and/or spiritual blocks to express their greatest longings in their life and career by releasing fear, anxiety and habitual behavior patterns to attain optimal health. She is also an avid dog/animal lover, mountain-biker, and seeks playfulness in life.

Who knew that an attorney could also teach about the spiritual side of life? Learn how to align the messages of your mind with the music of your heart…and dance with life. Kathryn loves to remind you that each moment is another step in the Heart Dance.

To learn more about Kathryn and her unique perspective on life, please visit 

Debbie Merrick Sodergren

Debbie Sodergren is an Energy Body Vibration Expert and owner of Up Vibrations, LLC. Debbie is nationally certified as a Reiki Master Teacher, certified to teach Metaphysics and Meditation and an Infinite Possibilities Trainer. Debbie has been trained with knowledge in the human energy field in areas of chakra balancing, vibrational medicine, channeling, death and dying, meditation, astrology and mindset work of infinite possibilities….. just to name a few. Debbie has a deep understanding of the body, mind and spirit connection and knows that we are all connected, everything is make up of energy, and she loves how infinite possibilities ties this all together. Debbie has worked for over 18 years with many clients on how to live the life of their dreams either in a class setting or in 1 on 1 private sessions. Debbie enjoys when people find the joy of thinking and actively creating what they want most in their life. Debbie recently published a book called ‘Just Be…your path to meditation & awareness by DJM Sodergren and is available on Amazon.com. For more info visit www.upvibrations.com or email Debbie at: debbie@upvibrations.com

Special Guest Speakers

At each Possibilities in Paradise event, we have multiple guest speakers.  Topics have ranged from breathing techniques and visualizations, all the way to finding the love of your life, abundance and practical tips to happiness, success & abundance.
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