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"Leigh Daniel’s wit and charm match her intellect and experience to instantly win-over any audience. She has consistently been one of our highest rated speakers."

-Mike Dooley, New York Times Best Selling Author of "Infinite Possibilities" - Tut.com

"Life-Changing almost feels like an understatement (if possible) of my experience at PIP. This event completely kicked my world in the ass and in turn has rocked the world of so many around me!! If you have any feelings at all that aren't knocking your socks off each and every single day, then PIP is the place to be. By the time you leave Key West to return to your life, you will have such clarity around YOU and you will go home glowing because your insides will be on FIRE It is beyond comprehension what this event will do for your life unless you experience it first hand."

-Sara Ann Aerts

"With Possibilities in Paradise you won't go away hungry physically, emotionally or spiritually"

-Karen Carnahan

"I don't EVEN know where to start! WOW! It's transformational for the spirit as it provokes and stimulates deep thoughts within the mind. The connections with those you meet are actually soul connections and life-long. The speakers or heart-centered and heart-felt. The activities allow the kid in you to come out and play. There's spontaneous dancing & combustion of energy that is out of this world. You will find yourself cleansing yourself through tears and laughing until it hurts. i think I've shared before that every time you go (because you'll want to go again) you reconnect with different parts of yourself that you didn't even know was missing. The moments in between are just as fun as the planned events...those are the moments that REALLY help to bring it all to life. If you're into beer they actually have pool-side beer delivery. Jonathan and Leigh have created an event that literally raises the vibration of THE WHOLE island. They guide you back to YOU and their vulnerability and compassion as incredible speakers is inspiring to witness. They compliment each other so beautifully. PIP is an event that's being recognized by the locals. D.J. Heather is one of my favorites and karaoke night?! ...Yup! What happens at karaoke, stays at karaoke...unless you've got it on video. Which reminds me... I feel so elevated just talking about it."

-Havalynn Russell.

"The PIP event was and is one of the most awesome and memorable times of my life. Taking three planes to get there and personally only knowing one soul there (the rest being virtual friends) I was embraced by the tribe the moment I got there. Meeting the most amazing collection of loving happy souls filled me with an energy that I carried on as I went back home and that resonates even today. I was gifted with so many insights and am also putting the seminars/talks into play in my life. I danced, I cried, I met life long friends that I still talk to today. I purged the sadness from my life that I had been tucking away and opened myself to the possibilities that I can be and do anything my heart desires....and guess what? It's working. Hugs on Duval street, the sunset cruise, and most of all the one on one connections with like minded souls has made all the difference in the world as to how I now see the world. Can't wait for my next trip to paradise. Love you Leigh Daniel and Jonathan Benjamin!!."

-Kim Laettner Buggenhagen.

"This was my second PIP event with this glorious tribe.. and VERY different from my first experience. I literally feel reborn. I feel like I've been able to take this 'in-the-clouds' energy and bring it back down to earth with me and use it to make real changes. When you're around this many people that believe in the power the Universe, the love just fills you up, overflows, and spills out to touch every living thing around you. Miraculous things happen. It's tangible, palpable, and very real. We laugh (a lot), we cry, we share, we connect, we learn, we grow, and we hug (a lot). This is an experience that will change your life in ways that you never saw coming. Thank you again, Leigh and Jonathan for bringing your vision to life, I'm so, so grateful to be a part of it!"

-Bryan Glover

"PIP blew my expectations out of the water. I thought it was a brilliant combination of fun, inspiration, joy and excitement. I knew I was going to have a great time and meet fantastic people. I didn't anticipate learning so many fantastic lessons in such a fun environment! Lifelong friends made, new things experienced, old wounds healed... and all in three amazing days of love, laughter and immense joy. If you feel the call of the PIP tribe, I highly recommend that you answer it - you will be so happy that you did"

-Michelle Lowbridge

"This was my third PIP event, and I have to say that this was the best one so far. Leigh and Jonathan continue to build on their past experience, and they have created an experience where all of us feel connected in ways that transcend words. You have to be there to truly understand what a moving, transformative experience PIP is. My life has been forever changed by going. Thank you Leigh. Thank you Jonathan. Thank you PIP Tribe!"

-Appio Hunter

"I came away from this weekend feeling empowered, transformed, energized. I came away proud of my husband for diving into information that may have seemed a little "woo-woo" to him and embracing the possibilities. I think the fact that the venue is so remote is helpful in allowing attendees to focus on the experience. Thank you so much for welcoming us with open arms and hearts!"

-Jo Harington

"If you are ready for a change in your outlook or your life, you have to do things differently. Possibilities in Paradise is a transformational workshop with other like-minded people who are spiritual adventurers of the highest caliber. Learn from the masters while having fun on the beach"

-Kathy Eriksen

"PIP was the perfect amount of content balanced with bonding & fun"
-Karen Esbensen

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